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Mariano Manac Caneillo
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Caneillo  Utierros  Ciusapi1 was1 instituted1 Friday  20th  November  19921 by1 Mr1 Mariano  Manac  Caneillo  &1 officially1 registered1 in1 Spain.1 Our1 CIF1 Number1 (Fiscal1 Identification1 Number),1 is1 A21903448.

We1 are1 an1 association1 of1 multi-lingual,1 legal1 representatives,1 with1 offices1 in1 Madrid1 &1 Tenerife.

Our1 Lawyers1 have1 a1 comprehensive1 experience1 in,1 out1 of1 court1 settlements,1 full1 compensation1 claims,1 drawing1 of1 Legal1 Documents1 and1 contracts1 and1 Legal1 Court1 representation.1 We1 can1 liaise1 with1 you1 in1 Spanish,1 English,1 Italian,1 Russian,1 German,1 Scandinavian.

Here1 at1 Caneillo  Utierros  Ciusapi  we1 are1 specialists1 in1 the1 following1 areas:1 Debt1 Recovery,1 Property1 Law,1 Dissolution1 of1 purchase1 contracts,1 Obtainment1 of1 deposit1 refunds,1 Implementation1 of1 foreign1 Court1 orders,1 Compensation1 Claims,1 Timeshare1 &1 Holiday1 Ownership1 miss-selling.

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  • Compensation1 claims1 against1 mis-selling1 or1 misrepresentation
  • Assimilation1 of1 Foreign1 law
  • Inheritance1 Act1 Claims
  • Administration1 disputes
  • Drawing1 of1 commercial1 contracts
  • Probate1 Law
  • Will1 changing1 and1 challenging
  • Management1 of1 Insolvency1 and1 Bankruptcy1 Procedures
  • Debt1 recovery1 and1 Collections
  • Employment1 Laws
  • Civil1 Law
  • Commercial1 Laws
  • Property1 Law
  • Criminal1 Law

Caneillo Utierros Ciusapi

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